Excellence in Medical Sonography

S&S LIFE SCAN CORP, founded in 2017, takes pride in Diagnostic Medical Sonography mobile services. We are an organization focused in provide mobile diagnostic ultrasound service which is convenient for you and your patients. Our Sonographers visit your medical practice on a regularly scheduled basis utilizing our technologically advanced equipment in one of your exam rooms.

Our on-site ultrasound service allows flexible scheduling that meets the needs of both the patient and the healthcare provider – including the accommodation of time-critical tests. Exams are convenient, and clinical care is comforting. Your patients will feel more at home in your practice than in the unfamiliar setting of a hospital or imaging center.

We offer the highest quality diagnostic ultrasound service by providing you with a mobile Sonographer who is experienced in the field of ultrasound and who maintains credentials with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS)
S&S LIFE SCAN CORP sonographers typically hold multiple registries with ARDMS®, ensuring their expertise and skill as they provide on-site ultrasound service in your practice.
In addition to routine ultrasound and echo procedures, S&S LIFE SCAN CORP also performs specialized procedures including needle-guided tumor/nodules biopsies, needle-guided stem cell injections, and many other invasive procedures. 

Our ultrasound studies are performed with state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and includes the following:


S&S LIFE SCAN CORP is a mobile diagnostic medical ultrasound company in Florida whose management services enables private physician’s office to provide cardiac, vascular and general ultrasound testing at the comfort of their medical practice. We schedule all diagnostic testing’s when it is convenient for you and your staff. Using state of the art equipment to perform comprehensive examinations, experienced technicians’ top priority is to provide excellent diagnostic testing and accurate results. They also strive to ensure that patients are comfortable before and during the procedure.

We are a team of healthcare professionals that base our success on our patient’s long-term good health and long-term relationships with our referring providers. Our team of highly qualified registered medical sonographers and ivy-league board certified vascular cardiologists share a common goal – to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients.

By utilizing out services, physicians enhance their practice, by allowing patients to receive the best care possible in the comfort of their physician’s office. 


We strive to make the diagnosis capable and convenient for the provider and patient. We encourage the patient to become involved and feel like they are part of their medical care and diagnosis. We recognize the need to drive dollars out of the healthcare system and promote ultrasound first instead of more expensive, time consuming, radiation emitting and often times, unnecessary advanced imaging modalities. We plan to make ultrasound more accessible to the population as costs and radiation concerns in medical imaging rise. We recognize the value in Home Healthcare and Telemedicine and plan to merge the two with mobile imaging.


S&S LIFE SCAN CORP ultrasound services is committed to providing the best possible ultrasound service in the most comfortable environment to people of the community. We bring ultrasound to you. We use the latest technology to meet the imaging needs of today’s active individual. We work hand in hand with patient and provider to ensure timely and accurate results and experiences. We provide service in a familiar environment within the provider’s office, the patient’s home or any other facilities. Our goal is to provide fast and accurate ultrasound services and results while saving the patient and the referring provider time and expense.


Thank you for the opportunity to allow us being part of your business success! 

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