Increase Revenues Compliantly

Physicians Increase Ancillary Revenues When Working with S&S Life Scan Corp.
Our mobile ultrasound service solutions can be utilized at your convenience. Whether your patient load requires our services one day a month or five days a week, S&S LIFE SCAN CORP is available to meet your ultrasound imaging needs.

On Site Diagnostic Ultrasound

Expand your Clinical Services with S&S Life Scan Corp by offering ultrasound to your patients in the convenience of your office.
S&S LIFE SCAN CORP provides multiregistered and certified Sonographers who undergo continuous training to keep their edge in the latest technology and diagnostic practices. Our portable digital systems provide superior imaging performance typically seen on high end systems for uncompromised diagnostic confidence. Physicians and patients alike experience top notch service from our highly trained staff, making our turnaround time just 48-72 hrs from the date of exam, and less than 24 hrs for STAT exams. Your patients no longer have to wait weeks for their test appointments and results.

The latest Technology Available Today

Enhanced, real-time definition gives you the clinical confidence you have been waiting for in a mobile ultrasound system.
You can get excellent imaging in a mobile unit. All in a smart ultrasound system that works for any clinical environment, with a comprehensive cardiac, vascular and general diagnostic system.

We work with Board Certified Physicians and interventional radiologists.

We are committed to the provision of high quality, patient focused care, delivered by experienced healthcare providers.
S&S Life Scan Corp has partnered with highly qualified, American College of Radiology board certified doctors to provide interpretation services. Each contracted radiology/cardiology group’s goal is to provide meticulous and accurate reporting with advanced HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructures for the image transmission. With 24-48 hours turnaround of reports, these groups will assist in providing the best in-patient care.
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